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The past couple weeks, we have been featuring Heirloom Asian 'Pineapple' Pears from Frogsong Organics in the Gainesville, FL area. This particular variety you whant to eat when crunchy and firm like an Asian pear. Peel the copper-colored, protective skin to reveal a light colored, sweet, pineapple-flavored flesh! 

Seeing as this heirloom pear has roots in Asia, you might expect that they are very useful in Asian recipes. HERE is a fab recipe for Pineapple Pear Chili Sauce that you may like to try out!

Want to get a little more adventurous with this specialty local fruit? If you had a hunch, YES- these crisp, firm pears was once commonly used for canning in the south.

Check out THIS recipe for some delicious, seasonal, homemade jam!


However you decide to enjoy this obscure pear variety, we hope that you can truly enjoy this little gem from our local seasonal selections!