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Star fruit seem to be one of those more obscure fruits- that people either find out they love, orrrrr really don't care for. 

Because star fruit are such an AWESOME Summer treat that our bodies LOVE this time of year, I'm here to try and convert a few haters ;) What better way to do that than suggesting making a margarita?! 

If starfruit isn't your favorite, but you're willing to give it another try, HERE is my recommended recipe.


Interested in learning more about his Summer Superfood??
Check this out:
???? Starfruit is EXTREMELY low in calories, is VERY hydrating (91.4% water weight!!) and is a great source of vitamins and other nutrients as well as MANY antioxidants making it a valuable superfood with anti-inflammatory properties! Truly, Nature knows best!!
???? Starfruit are great in smoothies, yogurt, juices, fruit salad, and popsicles- so basically anything! 


If you don't love eating starfruit alone, try one of the above options instead to include it in your weekly mix!