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Green tomatoes are best known as something you fry- especially here in the South- but did you know you can also PICKLE them!? Check out this week's featured recipe HERE and let us know what you think!!

What to Serve with Pickled Green Tomatoes

  • potato salad - add chopped pickles to redskin potato salad
  • hamburgers - top burgers with this tart and tangy relish
  • hot dogs - slather your hot dog with diced pickles
  • barbecue - add a little pickle relish to your BBQ sandwich
  • egg salad - these pickles taste great in your favorite egg salad recipe
  • chicken salad - relish kicks up the flavor of chicken salad
  • southern coleslaw - add chopped pickles to slaw for tons of flavor
  • Bloody Marys - create a green pickle skewer to serve with your favorite cocktail

I hear that pickled tomatoes are also perfect as a stand-alone side with sausages or grilled fish, tucked in  a grilled veggie sandwich, or scattered through a green salad. And, of course- chopped on top of a HAM sandwich!! This is definitely a take on Green Tomatoes that I'll be trying- I hope you do too!


If you've happened to receive some green tomatoes from us for multiple weeks as of late, and have a small stockpile, check out the following recipes, as well for another new take on this refreshing Summer veg!

Southern Green Tomato Pie
Garlic Roasted Green Tomato Soup
Fresh Green Tomato Salsa Verde

Such a versatile vegetable- who knew!?

Excited about what you created with this week's Growing Rootz veggies?? Feel free to email us or send us photos via our social media platforms and we'd LOVE to share the joy of eating seasonally with others!